Our Services

Stratégica has an infrastructure that allows it to carry out development projects as well as consulting contracts on an hourly basis. We offer the following services related to a computer system's life cycle:

Project Management

We offer project management services that combine our expertise, technical knowledge, and up to date training on project management tools and techniques.

Technical and Technological Architecture

Experience acquired through involvement in large projects and recent training on state-of-the-art techniques are definite assets in providing high quality technical and technological architecture services.

Feasibility Study and Preliminary Analysis

Our consultants are experienced in offering preliminary analysis and feasibility study services adapted to current commercial business practices and supported by the use of popular CASE tools and methods.

Applications Architecture

Architecture, system analysis and design, and modelling are important steps in systems development. Over the years, our consultants have acquired considerable experience in this area, covering all levels of analysis, supported by the use of popular CASE tools and methods.

Design and Development

We provide traditional as well as highly specialised design and development services in client-server, transactional, system software, and real-time environments. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable in traditional development tools and multi-level client-server tools.


In order to support the systems with a data infrastructure that effectively meets customer needs, our consultants offer the following services: data modelling, design and implementation of databases from various suppliers, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Rdb and Oracle Codasyl DBMS. Stratégica also offers performance analysis, data model revision and training tailored to our customers’ needs.


Our consultants are qualified in developing training programs tailored to our customers’ specific needs. This includes personalised courses covering topics such as the implementation of client-server and distributed processing models, object-oriented analysis methodologies, and the OPEN VMS operating system.

The goal of our training service is to ensure our customers' ability to independently maintain, manage and further develop their new information system environment.

Technical Support and System Management

Our solid experience with large OpenVMS, Windows NT Server and Windows environments, enables us to offer high quality technical support and systems management services.

Telecommunications, LAN and WAN Engineering

Local Area Networks (LAN) or Wide Area Networks (WAN), and interconnectivity between different systems are of utmost importance for modern computer systems, since systems of the future will be based on a network infrastructure. Stratégica can provide its customers with global network engineering solutions using protocols such as TCP/IP, DECnet/OSI, NETBEUI, IPX, and various other telecommunication protocols.