About us

Stratégica is a computer-consulting firm specialised in information technology management and processing. It is comprised of seasoned consultants with proven track records at internationally renowned companies.

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Corporate profile

Stratégica 2000 Informatique Inc. (Stratégica) was incorporated in April 1995, in Montreal, Quebec, according to the Canadian Business Corporation Act.

Stratégica is a computer-consulting firm specialised in the field of information technology management and processing. It is comprised of seasoned consultants with proven track records at internationally renowned companies.

Stratégica’s commitment to offering real business solutions to corporations, along with the expertise of its consultants, represent an exceptional opportunity to meet its customers’ various needs. All aspects related to the implementation of information systems are covered by the profiles and expertise of our consultants.

Our Mission

Our dynamic team of consultants stands out thanks to proven expertise in state-of-the-art data processing technology, varied, wide-ranging, and in-depth experience, and an excellent reputation throughout North America. Our mission is to meet all our customers' needs, by ensuring their satisfaction through the quality, efficiency and excellence of our services.

Our Commitment

Stratégica consultants are committed to providing exceptional state-of-the-art computer business solutions. In fact, it is our strict policy to maintain a high level of personal expertise through ongoing professional training, which allows us to exceed your expectations.

Our expertise, experience, spirit of partnership and innovation, as well as our formal commitment to meeting your needs are the cornerstone of our success and guarantee the success of your computer projects.

Our Market

Stratégica is proud to be able to contribute to the success of its customers, by helping them in developing original computer solutions and integrating client-server, object-oriented and traditional architectures to legacy systems. In addition, we are very experienced in implementing and managing new technical infrastructures.

Stratégica provides consulting services used not only in carrying out entire projects, but also for limited interventions. Our consultants are experienced in various sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, financial systems and telecommunications, and in leading-edge technologies such as EDI, object-oriented and client-server architectures. As a result, whatever computer system capacity is required, we are always able to deliver comprehensive solutions to small, medium, and large firms.

The current trend towards subcontracting short-term jobs or sizeable project phases to qualified consulting firms is becoming more popular with companies, since they can not only reduce costs, but also perfect the training of their development teams.

Our Strengths

Stratégica has an excellent understanding of today’s market and the industry’s current and future trends. In fact, because Stratégica’s team of consultants keeps abreast of the latest industry developments, we are able to quickly adapt and integrate new techniques according to our clients' needs and their industry segment.

Why Choose Stratégica?

Stratégica consultants offer expertise in state-of-the-art technology. Each has between 9 and 20 years of experience in various environments, and have all had to work on projects involving complex state-of-the-art techniques. Our open-minded approach, our desire to satisfy customers, and our drive to expand our technical know-how, guarantee our objectivity in dealing with hardware and software suppliers.

Lastly, the quality/price ratio of our rate structure is highly competitive.